The University of Manouba team present the ITG4TU project at the Multidisciplinary Scientific Event organized by ISAMM

A Erasmus+ Project belonging to Capacity Building, in the field of Higher Education

ISAMM, Institut Supérieur des Arts Multimédia de la Manouba, Tunisia

On 26th to 28th September 2018, the Institut Supérieur des Arts Multimédia de la Manouba (ISAMM) organizes the Multidisciplinary Scientific Event at the University of Manouba. The Manouba partners, leaded by Youssef Ben Halima, has disseminate there the ITG4TU project (Information Technology Governance for Tunisian Universities), a European Erasmus+ Capacity Building project in the field of Higher Education, explaining the aim, objectives and involved partners. The purpose of dissemination of this project is to publicize the activities carried out in it, in order to raise awareness about the importance of IT governance in any type of organization.

These days are intended to be an annual event bringing together researchers, companies and practitioners of disciplines including in particular massive data, artificial intelligence, digital design and cinema, bringing together the academic and industrial world and offering an opportunity to researchers from these different disciplines, to meet and open up to businesses. The event will be an opportunity to present challenges, theoretical works and applications. Researchers, teachers, doctoral students, but also R & D companies and experts will have the opportunity for three days to discuss the issues of business and scientific research in the digital age.

IT Governance for Tunisian Universities

This project is aimed to gather a set of researchers from four universities with a wide experience in developing and deploying ITG framework models from 3 different countries (Spain, Germany and Norway) to develop, adapt and test a new ITG framework to be implemented in HEIs in Tunisia (including USS). Expected results of this project include a better governance model for IT in Tunisian HEIs as well as an overall modernization of the governance processes for HEIs and a contribution of the cooperation between EU and Tunisia.

Event date: 26/09/2018

Publication date: Fri Sep 28 16:30:00 CEST 2018